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Author: terratrading_admin

The Thrilling Experience of Participating in International Trade Fairs

These events are an essential part of our business strategy, as they provide us with the opportunity to broaden our perspective, establish valuable relationships with clients and business partners, and continue strengthening our position as leaders in the export of sweet citrus from Colombia. International trade fairs allow us to access new markets and explore […]

The Dynamic World of Sweet Citrus Export from Colombia

Trends are constantly evolving to align with the demands of the global market and shifts in consumer habits. Food safety and product traceability are essential aspects for both consumers and importers. The oranges and other sweet citrus we export from Colombia come with certifications that ensure their quality and meet international food safety standards. The […]

The Importance and Benefits of Taking Our Valencia Oranges Beyond Our Borders

Valencia oranges are renowned for their sweet flavor and juicy interior. In Colombia, we have ideal climatic conditions and soils for cultivating these fruits, enabling us to yield high-quality oranges. Our company, Terra Trading, strives to meet the highest standards of quality in the production and export of Valencia oranges. From the careful selection of […]